Game hunting is a popular and exhilarating outdoor sport that many people take part in around the world. With continual advancements in hunting technology, the learning process for hunters will never stop. Before the hunting season begins, hunters of all experience levels seek new knowledge such as hunting tips, hunting techniques, how to use new hunting equipment and more. Whether you are a highly experienced hunting veteran or just a beginner, new knowledge will always be an asset in order to have a successful hunting season.

Hunting Tips

1. Know and learn how to use all of your hunting book your hunt equipment, especially your weapon
2. Practice shooting all year: this will maintain and improve the shooting skills required out in the field during hunting season
3. If you are hunting with a bow, practicing shooting long range (40-50 yards) to make short range shooting seem easier
4. Learn and practice tactical breathing techniques in order to improve the accuracy of a shot
5. Keep up to date on hunting tips, products, techniques and strategies
6. Set up your hunting blinds/tree stands a couple months book your hunt before hunting season begins
7. Do early season scouting for deer traveling routes, feeding locations, bedding areas
8. Shower with a scent-free soap the day of the hunt because animals such as deer are spooked by human odor
9. Wash all your hunting clothes with a non-scent detergent
10. Keep your hunting clothes in a bag until you reach the hunting location to avoid contaminating them with human odor
11. Use scent-free breathe spray: animals such as deer can smell what you had for breakfast
12. Do not make any human-like sounds that are book your hunt unnatural to the animals
13. If you make any loud noises when any animals are near, stop and stand there for while; if the animals do not see or smell you, they will go back to whatever they were doing before they were disturbed
14. When still-hunting, move extra slowly, stay quiet and remain in one place for a specific amount of time
15. Use camouflage tape to cover up shiny equipment that might reflect the sun
16. Windy or rainy days are the best days to stalk a deer because they cannot hear movements as well
17. Determine where to take your shot by the animal’s reaction
18. If you are going to set down your weapon, book your hunt leave it where you can easily reach it
19. Always let your family know your location in case something goes wrong
20. Have respect for other hunters, the land you are hunting on, and the animal you are hunting

Having the finest knowledge, along with functional, well designed hunting equipment will greatly benefit your hunt, and improve your chances of success as a hunter. At Redneck Blinds, we offer the most affordable, well constructed hunting equipment, hunting blinds, hunting stands and camouflage on the market.

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